Gorilla Health Strength Wraps Protect your wrists from stress or injury with the Gorilla Health Strength Wraps! Whether you train Olympic lifting, powerlifting, GPP or CrossFit our Gorilla Health Strength Wraps offer athletes a more efficient, easier to adjust alternative to traditional wrist wraps. Forget having to wrap and unwrap your wrists between sets! Instead of the usual thumb hook-and-look system, these wraps have a simple twist-tight design. This allows for fast adjustments between sets when you need a tighter wrap for extra support in heavier lifts or a looser wrap when you need more range of motion. Using strength wraps when training comes with a huge range of benefits including: Stabilising your wrists for heavy lifts to avoid hyperextension and helps keep proper placement of the wrist under a heavy load Adds support for high volume work to reduce fatigue and prevent wear and tear over time They provide support when recovering from an injury.

Gorilla Health Strength Wraps are sold in pairs

Specifications: 3.5” wide

Nylon Length: 82cm

Twist material for easy tightening and loosening for support Black with white trim