These are arranged with BoxShop by the Gym or Vendor.

To be eligible for any discounts you have to be an activated account under boxshop. 

Either click on your activation email after placing your first order, or create an account here.

Registering also places you into the BoxShop club where loyalty discounts can be earned directly with BoxShop.


CrossFit Wild South Discounts

From time to time CrossFit Wild South discounts will change, please check back regularly to this page for the updated code and discount value.
Only active members of CrossFit Wild South will be able to use these discounts.


True Protein Bar

True Protein Bar, buy 3 get $0.50 off each bar. Use code: $3for15

Go Good Protein

$5 off. Use code: $GOGOOD5

On the following Go Good products only.

Plant Protein Isolate + Organic Chocolate - 1kg

Plant Protein Isolate + Organic Vanilla - 1kg

Whey Protein Powder + Organic Banana - 1kg 

Whey Protein Powder + Organic Vanilla - 1kg



Movement Matters Massage

Movement Matters 90. $1 per minute: Use code: CFWS90

Movement Matters 60. $1 per minute: Use code: CFWS60

Movement Matters 45. $1 per minute: Use code: CFWS45

Movement Matters 30. $1 per minute: Use code: CFWS30